Sunshine on a rainy day.

Photo by Michael Brandt

Its been really grim and gray so we wanted to cheer everybody up. Who wouldn't want to go on safari when its raining and cold outside?

Rumble in the concrete jungle...;)

Seems like the antes up at london fashion week

Lots of fashion queens in town, but queen of them all, Diane Von Firstenburg was sitting in my front row!

That woman has taught me alot about elegance and glamour.

Fact of the day: Did you know that glamour derives from an Irish word. Glamour was the name of a spell fairies used to seduce mortal men and Diane seduces everyone she meets. And she's no fairy ! XX

So ladies and gentlemen, we decided to take you on a wonderful ride through the jungles and plains of Africa along with Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, lions and tigers and zebra's oh my :)!

Skirts got long, coats were strong, and the animal patched ladies came in two by two. After all, one of the reviews mentions Noahs Ark.

All in all it was an ode and a tribute to the animal elegance of African woman. If their good enough or Yves Saint Laurant, they're good enough for me.

Back on the nylon run next week, then Paris then Asia.

As a londoner, I'm chuffed that LFW is so important. Its nice to be important but its important to be nice.

From all of us at Nathan Jenden