Spring in New York! Finally!!!

@ the opening night of Ryan McGinley's (~April 17th)
'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' at Team Gallery (83 Grand Street, nyc)

Ryan Madness on Grand Street.

>> about the show

>> Ryan McGinley

>>>  the opening night of Barnstormers Group Exhibition (~April 17th)
at Joshua Liner Gallery (548 W. 28th Street, nyc)

*In this exhibition, the Barnstormers will present works by the group’s individual artists, all of whom have drawn acclaim in their own right and individual careers

ライアンのストリートマッドネスの後は、David Ellis率いるBarnstormersのグループショーへ。それぞれのアーティスト達が、以前よりもーっとパワーアップして一気に集結!

David Ellis, Kiku Yamaguchi, Che Jen, RoStarr, Ryan McGinness, West One, Pai, Marlene Marino, Chris Mendoza, Kenji Hirata, Madsaki, Mike Ming, Yuri Shimojo, Swoon, KR and many more! Very powerful & very inspiring! 一見の価値あり。

>> Joshua Liner Gallery

with 3D video installation & music by multimedia performance group Sweatshoppe
at White Box Gallery (329 Broome Street, nyc)

*Multimedia artists Ali Hossaini and the Sweatshoppe Collective aim to blow your mind with an exhibition that tells the history of cosmic evolution — from the Big Bang to Lady Gaga — by animating over 30,000 images into a holographic 3D environment. (by

*Sweatshoppe is wearing handmade mask by artist Shin Murayams!

Luomo VogueやI don't like Mondays、そしてLUVのvol.2にもfeature中、ただ今人気沸騰中
ニューヨークのマスク・アーティスト、Shin Murayama
そんな彼のマスクをかぶりプレーするのは、不思議+可愛い+カッコいいmultimedia performance group Sweatshoppe。彼らのmusic & 3D video installationを観にいざWhite Box Gallery へ。