The Mast Brothers

The Mast Brothers Chocolate factory occupies only three rooms in a nondescript building in Williamsburg. The first doubles as a storefront that opens on the weekend to customers with much of the equipment fully exposed to the public. It’s a different story during the weekdays, it is there that the process of making their bean to bar chocolate begins and end. From sorting out the cacao beans to wrapping each bar by hand, the operation starts from one room to another and back again until the final product. Our photographer Mindy Best was on hand to document the experience while the crew was working on the short film.

オンライン・マガジンThe Scoutの人気ドキュメンタリー・シリーズ。
第三弾は、ウィリアムズバーグにてチョコレート・ファクトリーを営むThe Mast Brothers兄弟。